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Kludge Audio is located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and provides a variety of location and studio recording services. We have a minimalist philosophy, believing that a single microphone pair can best capture the sound of an acoustic performance, and the vast majority of our recordings are made with a single mike pair.


With minimalist miking, the performer has more of an opportunity to concentrate on the performance, and less on the process of recording. It also can provide extremely accurate imaging which is impossible with multimiking, and while it is not appropriate for all environments, while it definitely does result in a substantially longer time to set up equipment due to the precision of microphone placement required, we find that the results are quite worth it.

Due to the unfortunate fact that many performances occur in environments where poor acoustics or sound reinforcement make minimalist miking quite impossible, we have limited multitrack facilities available. We have, however, made a substantial number of rock concert albums using two primary acoustic microphones, while using a number of on-stage mike feeds to fill in, and find that this produces a very fine sense of ambience while still giving good clarity of sound. We continue to carry the minimalist philosophy out even in multitrack environments, and feel this results in the most realistic recordings possible.

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We are sad to report the death of our resident studio cat. Velcro will be missed by all of us.

We welcome any touring performers coming through the Tidewater VA. area to avail themselves of our services.


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