A Typical Field Kit

Field Kit

This is a typical kit that we'd take into the field for 2-track recording work. It's a Great River preamplifier, which is the most tonally neutral preamp I have found which still has excellent noise rejection, driving a Prism AD-124 analog to digital converter. The primary recorder shown here is an inexpensive Tascam DA-20 DAT recorder with a DA P-20 being used as a backup. The NHT monitor speakers are being driven by a Nelson Pass amplifier design that has been built into the chassis of an old Crown D-60 amp (and which uses the Crown D-60 power supply).

This kit, along with a small set of microphones, is our primary tool for classical recording work.

We also have facilities for four and eight track field recording work, as necessary for music festivals and concerts where the PA system plays an important part in the overall sound.


Last updated September 21, 2000
Scott Dorsey (kludge@panix.com)