When the web was shiny and new, this section of our web page was being used to list all of the studio sites on the web. That was half a decade ago, and the web has exploded in popularity. As a consequence, I gave up trying to keep track of all the studios out there long ago. However, I do try to keep up pointers to the sites on the original list of studios which we put up in March of 1995. This list is dated and not very comprehensive and so if you're looking for something useful rather than a historical document you'll be best off looking at the note at the bottom.
  1. Blue Jay Recording Studios of Boston
  2. Goin' Mobile Remote Recording
  3. Looking Glass Studios of Greenwich Village
  4. Midnight Modulation, in Woodstock NY
  5. The MKB Music Studio, a small private facility in San Diego
  6. Music Machine Studio, in New Jersey
  7. Digital Playroom
  8. Paisley Park
  9. Process Recording Studios
  10. Quintessential Sound
  11. Reflection Recordings, in Charlotte NC
  12. Room One Recording Studio, in the Northwest
  13. Salmagundi Recording Studio

    Another list of studios being maintained on the net is on Yahoo, and another good place to look for audio-related information is at the AES.


    Last updated September 21, 2000
    Scott Dorsey (kludge@panix.com)