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Live shows

November, 2001

More shows planned for November 2001, stay tuned...

March 30th and 31st, 2001

dead dog played at NewHackCity in San Francisco.
Tracks included: so you wanna be an artist, vodkaville,
suburban marijuana crisis, 27, typical, someday, epoch,
blue dragon, bag o'bees, i.e. you're an idiot, ticket, y1k,
inhibitions, and 72 degrees. We also played 'new green shorts'
spontaneously at a fan's request! Matt recorded the shows on
a MiniDisc recorder with a stereo microphone, which came out sounding
really good! Check out songs from that night here.

March, 2000

We played a show at Leona Lane in Mountain View, CA.
Tracks included 72 degrees, bag o'bees, someday,
you're not a puppy anymore, so you wanna be an artist,
new green shorts, stupidhead, and several others.
Our usual guest bassist, Rabbit, was present and we played
the whole set pretty well seeing as we only practiced for
about 8 hours before the show! Check out selected songs
from that night at the link above.


Once again with guest bassist Rabbit, we played at the FUNhouse
in San Francisco!
Songs included 72 degrees, poseur punk, the whore,
big red fire engine, stupidhead, and more!

October 3, 1998

We played a little show for our dear friend
Strick's welcome back party (he was trotting the globe
for 6 months or so). The setlist was:
so you wanna be an artist?, bank baby, inhibitions,
you're a fuqn psyhopath, ticket, pacific coast highway,
city of the damned (stephin merritt cover), grrr argh,
hemispherin', new green shorts, and orion.
Selected recordings from that night are here.