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Live shows

December 19, 2001

Set lists from shows on December 14th and 15th are up.
MP3s and some video clips will be up soon!

September 16, 2001

MP3's of the shows from March are up, Check them out!
Let us know what you think. More shows in November, stay tuned for details...

February 29, 2001

After 2 years of dormancy, is resurrected.
Live shows on March 30th and 31st in San Francisco!

October 8, 1998

So, what are we up to? We're polishing
the existing tracks, recording (or re-recording) the last
few new ones, and have already started work on the next

October 3rd, we played a little show for our dear friend
Strick's welcome back party (he was trotting the globe
for 6 months or so). The setlist and selected songs
from that night are availible in the Live shows section.